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Winning the Game of Life Podcast Interviewing Entrepreneurs, Wantrepreneurs, Intrapreneurials, Intrepreneurial & Startups


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Mar 28, 2016

Our featured guest today is John Lee Dumas, also known among friends as JLD. John is a good friend of ours and a highly successful podcaster and entrepreneur.

John Lee Dumas is creator and host of one of the most popular podcast EOFIRE (Entrepreneur on Fire) where his community is known as FIRE NATION.

Let us learn about John’s Journey:

How John have CHANGED the Podcast Industry and How Podcasting have Changed John’s Career and Life


JLD's Entrepreneurial Journey!


John just had a very successful KICKSTARTER campaign to launch his book, FREEDOM JOURNAL.  We will talk about The FREEDOM JOURNAL and SMART Goals, accountability


In this episode we will also learn about how John have CHANGED the PODCASTING INDUSTRY!


Jon Lee Dumas



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Mar 27, 2016

WGL45: Frederique Murphy with Shawn Sudershan Chhabra

Specialising in Inspirational Leadership, Frederique Murphy is a mindset strategist who inspires

leaders to believe and accomplish the extraordinary. With her Mountain Moving Mindset (M3) platform,

she equips you with scientifically-based strategies to take your life, career and business to a whole

new level. With strong business acumen and strategic vision, she makes change happen. Frederique is a

passionate and charismatic speaker, who captivates audiences – when she takes to the stage, sparks fly

and beliefs, attitudes and behaviours will be instilled to create lasting change. For more information

on Frederique's transformational services, visit

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Mar 5, 2016

WGL44: Dima Ghawi with Shawn Sudershan Chhabra, Dima Ghawi is an international speaker and inspiring leader






It began as one young woman’s journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Today, that same woman shares her experiences and passion with a goal to assist others around the world discover a renewed sense of identity and purpose in their personal and professional lives.


The Dima Ghawi of today is an international speaker and inspiring leader. Her story captivates global audiences and causes them to walk away feeling empowered, inspired, and motivated to break the internal and external limitations that have previously inhibited them from reaching their fullest potential.


With 18 years of corporate experience, Dima has gained invaluable multicultural leadership expertise within several global Fortune 20 companies while working throughout the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Dima’s extensive background has positioned her as an expert in satisfying the talent development needs of the global workforce. She has provided training and consulted on a wide range of topics, to include, Global Leadership, Workforce Development, and Strategy and Operations.


Dima’s passion for educating and inspiring others to ascend to higher levels has led her to deliver speeches and seminars focused on leadership to global corporate professionals and form alliances with top universities through lectures to both professors and students focused on the global skills required to succeed in today’s workforce. She also serves as a Board Member for several non-profit organizations that emphasize education and talent development.


Dima has been recognized with the United State’s President’s Bronze Volunteer Service Award, the Business Report’s “2014 Forty Under 40 Award,” and has been featured in the Baton Rouge Business Report for her professional and philanthropic work


Immigrating to the United States from her home country of Jordan in 1996, Dima achieved an MBA from the University of San Diego and an undergraduate degree in Economics from San Diego State University.



- International Speaker -


A sought-after speaker, Dima has reached more than 15,000 individuals globally through a myriad of speaking engagements, training programs, and seminars. Her innate ability to connect with the audience has led to invitations for her to speak at conferences and corporate events, including:


·         Presenter, “Breaking Glass: A Leadership Story,” 2014 Technology, Entertainment and Design (TEDx) Louisiana State University (LSU).


·         Keynote Speaker, “Women Leadership and Global Demands,” 2013 Global Women Leaders, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

·         Presenter, “Women Empowerment Initiatives: Developing Women Entrepreneurs in Rural Areas,” 2013, United Nations, Johannesburg, South Africa.

·         Presenter, “Global Employee Engagement,” 2014 Strategic Employee Engagement & Internal Brand Activation Conference, New York City, New York.

·         Keynote Speaker, “Breaking Glass: Unleash Your Leadership Potential,” 2015, Cisco Systems iWise Workshop, Silicon Valley, California.

·         Closing Speaker, “Leading Beyond the Bottom Line: Igniting Employee Engagement to Drive Business Results,” 2015, Society of Louisiana Certified Public Accountants, Controllers Workshop, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Topics Dima presents during Women in Business events include:

·         Breaking Glass: Unleash Your Leadership Potential

·         Bringing the Feminine Element into Leadership

·         What Makes Us Strong

·         Succeeding in a Male-Dominated Environment

·         Women and Global Leadership

·         Middle-Eastern Women’s Roles in Politics and Economic Development



- Volunteer and Community Leadership Activities -

Dima is dedicated to philanthropic work within the global community. She most recently founded a Leadership and Empowerment virtual global community, providing professional women across the world with opportunities to connect, collaborate, and learn together through social media and web-conferences.

Dima passionately uses her global background and leadership skills to create opportunities in IT for the young generation. She volunteers with educational institutions and connects non-profit organizations focused on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) education, and helps them build a common mission.

Recent Volunteer Activities Include:

  • Board member of several Louisiana-based organizations focused on STEAM and promoting women in technology; including the Foundation for East Baton Rouge School System, Louisiana Women in IT (La-WIT), and the Louisiana Tech Park.
  • Influenced the development of the new curriculum at the College of Engineering, LSU. Specifically, she helped the College with professional skills training for the students in topics such as communication, relationship management, negotiation skills, branding, and more.
  • Partnered with the College of Engineering, LSU, to create a series of professional development videos, helping LSU students better their interviewing skills.
  • One of the organizing founders for “IT Girl”, an event held in May 2014 that focused on teaching middle-school girls the basics of computer programming. This event was a result of Dima’s partnership building, as she brought the community together for this important cause.

In the Media: