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Dec 3, 2015

Shawn Chhabra-Dash Diet Book Summary- Dash Diet and Wt. Management


Losing weight is not an easy thing to do, and so many of us struggle with it throughout our lives. Just thinking about diets, deprivation, and previously failed attempts to lose the weight and keep it off can be depressing and stressful. Though the weight may have come on fairly easily depending on your phase of life or lifestyle itself, taking it off may not come quite as easily. That is all true until now!

The key to successful weight loss is to have a program that will help to not only get you going but to support you along the way. A solid weight loss program should be based in healthy concepts and always work within parameters that never put your body in danger. Though the many fads and trends out there may sound good in theory, they certainly aren’t meant to help you in the long term once you try them out.

There Is No Quick Answer—You Have To Work For It

We all want to lose weight, and we want to do it quickly and easily. It may be unsettling to think that there is something about your lifestyle that you will need to change, but this is the reality of the situation. You never want to be drastic in your approach because these are the types of habits that not only aren’t going to be something that you can’t keep up with, but they are also extremely unhealthy at the core.

Sure the many trends, fads, and diets out there may sound good on paper, but how easy are they to take on for the long term? When it comes to calorie cutting, logging every bite of food you eat, or deprivation in any form, this is not something that you are going to keep up with forever more. Not only that, but these methods are often intended to help you lose weight initially, but will leave you feeling unhealthy and hungry as time goes on.

What makes the Dash Diet such a successful program is the fact that it is based on truly healthy concepts? This is a program that was developed to help a specific health condition, and then the implications of this were found to be extremely helpful for weight loss in the process. So you know that what you are getting into is well founded and that you are going to benefit from it in so many ways.


The Key To Long Term Weight Loss Is Here

This book is going to show you why there are good sugars and bad sugars. You are going to learn that what AND how you eat really matters. You are going to see that it really comes down to creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You are also going to see that the power to make change comes from within you, and that if you want it bad enough you can achieve that long term weight loss that you have always dreamed about.

Though you may feel frustrated in previous weight loss attempts and marked failures, this time will be different. You are going to learn not only what it takes to lose weight and keep it off, but you will also get insight into your own habits. You will see what didn’t work for you in the past and more importantly WHY it didn’t work for you. This is a very broad approach and therefore quite informative as you work towards the success that you have always dreamed of.

It’s time to cast aside what you thought you knew about weight loss, and to learn what really works. It’s not just about adapting to the right program such as this, but also learning precisely what went wrong in the past. Not only understanding what you may have done wrong, but also what the diets that you’ve used in the past didn’t give you. This is a learning process and this is the beginning of a long and educational journey!

So come into this weight loss journey with an open mind, find and embrace your inner strength and confidence, and be willing to commit to a program that is going to help you and support you in the long term. Though you may have felt frustration in the past, it’s time to really celebrate the transformation that you have always wanted. This is how you lose weight and enjoy success well into your future—so let’s get started!

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